There is a lot to think about when adopting a dog. There are some things that should be taken into consideration. Some of those things include what kind of dog, whether it be a purebred or mixed breed, male or female, age, full-grown size, and your individual needs, and wants.

There are a lot of dogs out there up for adoption, the good news is that a lot of them would probably fit into your unique situation well. The bad news is there are several that probably will not. Let’s start with the breed. Whether it is a purebred dog you want to adopt or a mixed breed you can generally tell how big it will be and a few things about its general temperament by some simple breed research. While you can’t learn everything about that particular dog you can learn quite a bit about the kind of dog that you would want to adopt. Certain breeds are said not to be as good with children as others however, some of those very same breeds are better at home security. So again it comes down to what it is that you want out of the dog you are trying to adopt.

Size can also be told by breed, or at least guessed at by what breeds make up your mix. Some dogs for adoption should only reach five pounds where others may grow well over two-hundred and five. So If you are looking for a large dog you should look into larger breeds such as Great Danes, Rottweilers, Saint Bernard’s, Great Pyrenees, Labradors, and so on. If your individual needs require a smaller companion than maybe a medium-sized dog say around thirty to sixty pounds is what you are looking for in the dog that you adopt. In that case, maybe you should look into breeds or mixes that include some following: Collie, Shepherd, Spits, Spaniel, Boxer, or chow just to name a few. Though sometimes they are considered more hyperactive your dog adoption needs to require a small dog to adopt. In this case, you may want to look at breeds such as Teacup poodles, Dachshund, Papillon, Bichon Frisé, Pomeranian, and so many others in the miniature category.

The age of the dog that you are to adopt can also be of great importance to a person. With age comes some benefits, generally, they are already house-trained or are outside animals that have grown accustom to life that way. An older animal will be less likely to steal your slippers as a chew toy or eat the paper rather than bringing it to you. Puppies on the other hand can be a handful full, however, you get to decide how they are trained and what things the can and can’t do in your house from day one. Though they generally learn fast, they require much more time and attention than an older animal. Puppies have more energy and less control they need constant supervision and lots of loving attention. The payoff for all your hard work is a very attached dog that will be loyal. There are pros and cons to any age dog that you chose to adopt, the choice is really about what fits your situation.

The process is quite simple and will require a small adoption fee. In some cases, you will be required to submit an application so that you can be verified as a good pet owner. It is recommended that you visit with the dog on-site if you have children bring them with you so that you can see how the dog will interact with them. All in all, adopting a dog is a rewarding adventure.

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