Fitney is a training platform or app that helps individuals to train, plan their diet
and connect them with trainers for in-person consultancy. There are several other
platforms in the market such as Tonal, Peloton, Alo Yoga, and Blowflex which are
providing similar services as Fitney. It is a growing app in the industry of sports and
fitness apps. Let’s discuss everything about Fitney in detail.

Reason to Choose Fitney:
● Tailored training: Fitney has more than 450 hours of content available, and
offers online training and properly instructed guidelines for the training.
These properly selected training helps you to reach your training goal
● Proper Diet: Fitney provide a diet and nutrition plan for every individual
based on their health, training plan, and daily calories needed. They offer
varieties of food which takes less time to prepare, is tasty and healthy as
● Trainer Care: Fitney trainers understand the individuals and mentor them,
and motivate them towards their training goals. This also includes the
progress monitoring of the individual.

Training Offered:
Fitney offers a variety of training which mainly includes HIIT, Cardio, Stretching,
Strong ABS, Training live, Fitness, Gym workout, Tabata, Yoga, and Full Body
Workout. All these are covered through their online video content and executed by
their trainers as well at a personal level.
They have more than 12 trainers, 450+ hours of exercise material, and a
community of 3000+ members.

Services Offered: Fitney provides a wide range of services to handle their users,
their training process, account management, and their issues during the training.
Some of the services are as follows:

Free trial and Subscription:
Fitney offers a dynamic free trial system which is confirmed at the time of
Registration. Anyone can access the app after registering to the platform using their
email address and by creating a password. In the trial period, you can access all the
premium services offered by Fitney. Once the trial period is over and if you liked
their offerings then you can subscribe to their service as well.
Also, if you didn’t like their service then you can ask for a refund. This is something
which is a great initiative by Fitney compared to their competitors. In case you
don’t want to subscribe and cancel your Trail period then you can connect to
customer support and they’ll cancel your subscription.
Fitney offers discounts and coupons for their customer occasionally, so keep
looking for that to save some dollars on your fitness goal.

Training Plan for Individuals:
Fitney offers training plans and services that are suitable for individuals and
decided based on many factors. So once you registered on the platform then you’ll
get a Free consultancy from Fitney. Then, you’ll get a 2 weeks training plan
personalized for you only. You follow the plan and based on your feedback they’ll
make relevant changes in the training plan if needed. During your training period,
you can see your progress in the app, to see if you are heading towards your
training goal. Otherwise, you’ll get personal tips from your trainer as well.
This is how Fitney training program works for the individual who subscribes to their

Fitney Community:
Fitney users are growing day by day because of the amazing services offered by this
app. They have a community of 3000+ subscribed users and additionally, they have
a social presence as well. Apart from their website, their Facebook page is having
more than 12,000 followers and more than 8,000 followers on Instagram (July
2022). Fitney is more active on Facebook than any other social platform.

Customer Support:
Fitney provides email-based customer support from their support page of the
website. It doesn’t have any real-time or live support available on the website.
Additionally, they offer FAQs which is covering all the basic knowledge bases
needed to start the training, register, and access the platform, account, and

Fitney is offering a great range of services in the sports and fitness industry. They
target to provide the best training material, plan, and execution for their users.
Their service is still not top-notch as compared to their competitors in the market
but they are growing rapidly. If you are looking for training service and the app
then you must use Fitney. Happy Training.

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