Do you want to work in Hollywood? If so, you may be willing to do just about anything to make it big. Yes, it is important to strive for success, but you need to proceed with caution. Do not let desperation get the best of you, as it leaves you open to Hollywood scams.

Before focusing on a few ways that you can make it big in Hollywood and avoid scams, it is important to know what those scams are. Hollywood scams come in a number of different formats, but all can be harmful to your finances and your career.

The biggest scam to be on the lookout for is fake talent agencies. These agents tend to target parents of aspiring child actors, but anyone can fall victim. Does a ‘talent agent,’ approach you in a public place? If so, use caution. Accept their contact information, but never agree to representation or pay upfront first. Anyone who pressures you to pay on the spot is likely trying to scam you. They want to prevent you from returning home and researching their name or company online.

In keeping with talent agencies that may try to take your money and run, they may use other steps. One of those steps is selling a photograph package for thousands of dollars. Yes, you want to pay for quality photographs, but you shouldn’t have to do it through the agency. In fact, most legitimate Hollywood agents let you get your headshots and other photographs done elsewhere. Some will give you the option of using their in-house photographer, but it should never be a requirement. Quality, professional photographs are needed, but they can be purchased for much less than thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

Now that you know a couple of the Hollywood scams that exist, it is important to focus on how you can avoid them. The best way to do so is to use your best judgment. Yes, you may land a big break by being spotted by someone important, but look for warning signs. If a director or an agent in a public place notices you, they will simply just give you their contact information and move on. No extreme amounts of pressure will or should be applied.

Another easy way for you to avoid Hollywood scams is to do the research first. Whether you were approached by an agent or not, use the internet to your advantage. Always, research Hollywood agents and agencies online. Do so with their company name. Look for positive and negative reviews. Someone always has something negative to say, but look over the excessive amount of negative reviews or the outright use of the word scam. There are many Hollywood scams out there, but there are even more legitimate opportunities for you. You just need to know how to find them and the internet can be a helpful tool.

The above mentioned Hollywood scam examples were geared towards actors. However, aspiring actors and actresses are not the only individuals who can fall victim to a Hollywood scam. Are you an aspiring writer? Guard your work with your life. Only submit your screenplay to reputable and well-known literary agents and studio networks. In fact, that is why a professional and reputable literary agent should represent you. He or she can tell you where to submit your work to. If you are not careful, it could end up in the hands of a scammer. This person may try to sell your words as their own.

One of the best ways for you to avoid scams in Hollywood is to find quality representation. If you are an actor, look for an acting agent. If you are an aspiring writer, hire a literary agent. Research is needed to find the perfect agent, but that work will pay off in the end. An agent can show you how to avoid Hollywood scams by giving you inside information and leading you in the direction of legitimate opportunities.

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