Linguotica is a platform to learn different languages. The platform teaches German,
Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish at the moment and they might add more
languages in their services as well in the future. As the platform is online then it’ll
be easy for the users to access the platform from anywhere and increase their
learning while staying at home.

Services Offering:
Linguotica offers a variety of services for its students. The common services
included a well-balanced learning plan for any language, tracking of progress, and
properly explained theoretical and practical lessons. They offer a free trial to let
you go through all their features and see if the teaching style is matching with
yours and if you are getting a positive result out of it.

Balanced Learning Plan:
Linguotica targets to strengthen the individual’s memory and language
comprehension. They also promise that you’ll start speaking the basics from day
one without any extra stress. The learning plan understands the users learning
habits and shapes the future lessons accordingly for a better outcome. The
software has very much practical content.
It has flashcards available having 5,000+ most useful words that help you to
improve your vocabulary and indirectly help you in speaking the particular
language you are learning from the Linguotica platform. It provides options to
unlock one lesson daily and not more than that so that you can utilize the balanced
learning plan and not confuse yourself while practicing for any language.

Progress Tracking:
The Linguotica software has to advance progress tracking capabilities of your
learning which starts from day one. It shows the progress and also has the option
to start exactly from where you have left off the previous days learning.

Free Trial and Subscription:
The Linguotica provides a 7 days free trial. It means you can register for this service
and you’ll get 7 days of free benefits to all their premium services. The subscription
is $19.99 per month which is less likely to change in the upcoming future. A small
verification fee is being charged when you opt for the subscription but the same is
being refunded after the verification.
You can cancel the subscription anytime while being in their trial period if it doesn’t
match your learning style. If you don’t like their service in the future, then you can
also cancel at a later stage. The cancellation option is available in the account area
or you can always ask the support to cancel your ongoing subscription.

Customer Support:
Linguotica’s customer support is also available to help you out if you need any help
with the software uses, subscription & billing, account details, and any other
related services. They have a Live Chat option on their website from where you can
get your answers quickly. Additionally, they have an option to send your query by
filling out a form on their support page which will start email-based support for
your query. If you have very basic queries or you want to get a basic idea of the
service, you can read their available FAQs which are also available on their support

Linguotica is a good choice for students who want to learn a new language and also
study at home. The features are very much flexible and it matches students’
different learning styles, and speed. The analytics provided a great insight into your
progress and performance. The content material is highly structured as well. If you
like to use Linguotica then you can register on their website and start the Free Trail
and start learning a new language. Happy Learning.

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