Pluralsight believes in technology and offers a product that uses the technology to
help everyone to improve their skills and also help an organization improve their
project’s delivery management. They have two products to achieve their goal;
Pluralsight Skills and Pluralsight Flow. Let’s discuss in detail these products offered
by Pluralsight and their features, the platform’s features, and the pros & cons of the

Pluralsight Skills: It is a skill development tool that helps individuals to learn new
skills based on their knowledge and learning style. They have courses related to
Architecture & Construction, Business professional, Creative professional, Data
professional, IT ops, Manufacturing & Design, Information & cyber security,
Software development, and Web development. All these courses are authored by
industry experts and include certification and practicals as well.
The software understands the individual’s improvement areas and suggests further
topics to read and understand. It also does not force you to go through all the
videos in order to improve your skills.
They have more than 1,500 expert authors and the courses are trusted by 70% of
the fortune 500 companies. The tool has more than 17,700 business accounts
registered to its platform and is run by around 1,700 employees.

Pluralsight Flow: It is software to help individuals or organizations to improve the
delivery of a project. The software uses the power of other tools such as code
repositories and project management tools to provide a way better insight into a
project. This helps the managers to understand and clear the bottleneck, improve
efficiency, speed up deployment and build an optimized development
The flow doesn’t connect with Confluence where most of the requirements and
documents are being planned. It is more of the data insight tool using which you
can make some decisions but not all. The software connects properly with GitHub
and Jira tasks. Pluralsight Flow can help you in making a decision on your
improvement areas and skills. it can also save you dollars by properly informing
you of the areas where investments are to be made.
The software provides workflow patterns and comparable workflow trends to help
your team as efficiently as possible. It can work with a person in different roles
such as Engineers, Leaders, Managers, or Executives.

Pros of Pluralsight Skills and Flow:

1. It provides a free trial where you can use all the features offered by their products.

 2. The subscriber has the option to choose from the different plans available.

3. The support is also very great and available options are Email, 24×7 Phone, and Ticket Based.

4. They have mobile apps available with a high rating in the relevant stores.

Cons of Pluralsight Skills and Flow:

1. The free trial is short and in Skills, it doesn’t include courses as Free.

2. The account creation and setup are also not easy.

3. The support for the phone is only available during working/business hours.

 Conclusion: I highly recommend the Pluralsight Skills and Flow Product. Both the tools of Pluralsight are very useful in their services. Pluralsight Flow can be used to see the improvement areas of a project and the skills needed. On the other hand, Pluralsight Skills help an individual improve their skills by offering a huge set of informative and authorized materials. These tools altogether help an individual or an organization to grow and efficiently suggest where to spend their money.

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