Don’t you hate that little fingertip nail trimming tool? It’s a little cheesy and there is nothing you can do about it.

The nail trimmer is so annoying. Not only do you have to push this thing along, but you also have to get all the nails done. You don’t want to do that and here are some tips on how to trim your nails.

Have some fingernail care products on hand. That’s for good nail health. If you’ve ever had your nails messed up by too much nail polish, you know how damaging that can be. Take a couple of wipes of that off with your cotton ball.

So you need to get all the nails done. Cleaning up with a paper towel is going to be essential. Check out your fingernails for any “minor” tears. If there are any, this is a sign that the nail will be ruined and that is not what you want. If there is a lot of debris, this is bad news.

Wet your finger and then use your good nail trimmer. Start from the top of the nail down and work down the entire length of the nail. Leave a good covering around the base.

To make the paper towel from the first step look less messy, use a dry towel, and then run it over it a few times. You want it to leave a trace of moisture on the towel. If the moisture isn’t enough, you can wet the towel again and use it. That’s easier.

Work slowly up the nail and work your way down the entire nail, making sure to leave a bit of covering. When you reach the tip, wet the cuticle of the nail lightly with nail polish remover. This will be necessary later to paint the tip back to a natural-looking nail.

Now wet your paper towel with water and wipe the excess water away. Again, use the paper towel to clean up any leftover nail polish. Use the moistened towel to dry off the fingertip nail.

Just be sure to take your time when you are working on your nails because you don’t need to rush and overwork them. It will help keep them healthy.

If you have cuticles on your nails, be careful when trimming them. A little trimming in this area and your cuticles will be able to breathe.

To get those edges down, just take a sharp pair of scissors and remove them. So don’t worry if you are getting ready to cut your nails because it is something that you should be doing anyway.

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